Monday, November 23, 2009

The Energy Within

The Energy Within

Finding balance in the synergistic eco-system we create with Nature

Winter is the time to celebrate the harvest and take stock of our accomplishments. How did our year’s experiences impact our relationships with our Self, family, friends, community and environment; what worked and what needs changing? Nature has a built in reflection period. Trees and plants go dormant while animals and other creatures hibernate or are recycled. The things that didn’t work in Nature do not return, those parts of Nature’s existence that do work, continue.

How do we get so out of touch with what works in our own lives? We are intrinsically tied to the natural world, our physical bodies are designed to be in harmony with the cycles of nature. Our challenge, as a society and culture, is our lost sense of that connection. We haven’t actually lost the connection, that’s an impossibility, but we have lost the sense or the feeling of being connected. Connection goes by many names, some call it community, some call it energy, some call it love, some God, Great Spirit, Everything, Nothing. The name itself matters not, it’s the feeling that compels us to search.

What does Connection do for us? It allows us to know when to rest, when to move forward, when to eat, when to sleep, it puts us in touch with what we really need to be happy and healthy. Look at a infant or a child, they sleep when they’re tired, even if it means face down in the mashed potatoes. They want to eat when they’re hungry, never mind the clock. They will automatically gravitate to what feels good to them and is best for their wellbeing.

What does Connection feel like? It’s a belonging, it’s an alignment, it’s having a sense of place, it’s a feeling of peace. How do we create and then recreate that feeling of Connection? Reconnecting with Nature will bring us back to that feeling of connection and help us to understand our place in the world.

Try this exercise:
Focus on one aspect of nature, choose whatever appeals to you in this moment. If you are feeling quiet and contemplative you might focus on water; a lake, a stream, a droplet, a storm. Sit or stand and focus your attention on that water, take a few deep breaths and settle your body, your mind and emotions. If you are having trouble doing this, bring the things that are bothering you up in your mind and send them into the water, let them flow away if there’s a current, or let them dissolve and dissipate. Keep releasing the thoughts and emotions that are distracting you until they wind down, this may take you more than one session of quietness. Concentrate on the water and feel it. Imagine it’s coolness, smoothness, how you feel after you’ve been in the water, clean and clear. As you do this, you will relax more and more and begin to feel peaceful. Breathe in the peacefulness of the water and as you do feel it clear you, clean you and balance your entire system. Feel the connection to the water and all of Nature. Bring this steady energy into your life.
Maybe your connection with Nature is through a different aspect, perhaps the air, then connect with the wind or the coldness of the air. Try the earth, plants, flowers, solidness and strength or fire, the sun, flames, movement. Or perhaps you respond best to a combination of these elements… the crisp scent of a fall day, the crunch of leaves, a light breeze on your face while the sun warms your back. Do whatever works for you.
This exercise will give you a powerful connection to whatever aspect of Nature you feel aligned with and with a little practice you can call up that feeling of connection by focusing on the element or elements any time you feel disconnected or out of balance. So take time over this period of quiet reflection to feel the Energy Within, find your connection with your Self, your people and your world.

Rachel Ginther, Alchemist, FSE
Currently Rachel produces 500+ Vibrational/Flower Essences & Aromatherapy products for spiritual evolution and provides fertile ground and sanctuary for those seeking personal growth through her holistic retreat and learning center, The Garden at Thunder Hill ~ A Center for Spiritual Evolution. New for 2010 ~ Sustainability Retreats! ~ Tel: (518) 797-3373